utau: (11)
V・O・C・A・L・O・I・D ([personal profile] utau) wrote2010-09-21 05:59 am


Ah, this one!


Oh, I cannot say enough great things about this! Still fits into the realm of semi-creepy (the way I like) - but is so cute and catchy and has a great beat and ohhh, I love it! Perfect for upcoming Halloween excitement and is strangely sweet (with her being married to a pumpkin) and and and... yes.

I knew I liked this one from the moment it started, with that star-like-sounding intro. I have no idea what makes that little twinkling sound, but put together with the rest it just really works for me. The background really compliments the sound. It's just a really solid piece of Vocaloid music.

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