utau: (13)
V・O・C・A・L・O・I・D ([personal profile] utau) wrote2010-09-19 07:20 pm



This isn't a song that stands out necessarily - at least, it didn't to me. But it's got a great, fantastic, pretty sound to it... even though it's based in food. Well, food plus love. (It's kind of hard to tell - the lyrics don't make 100% sense to me, even translated.)

I think I had to hear this on the charts for three weeks before I finally listened to the whole song. By then... well, some songs I won't really catch onto so quickly, yet once I've heard them a few times, it's like I already know them. With this song, I only knew what the chorus sounded like - but even then, I just felt like I knew it. This probably makes no sense, but I just felt like it's a song that you feel like you know after hearing it twice or so.

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