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V・O・C・A・L・O・I・D ([personal profile] utau) wrote2010-09-13 04:14 am


One more song before I crash for the night!

【Project DIVA 2nd】下剋上(完)【エディットPV】 | Kagamine Len & Rin - Revolution

Okay, so I'm linking the PROJECT DIVA version of this song because I like that one the most. It's just fun and they move and I like the hand motions. T_T

This song... I really wasn't into this song when it first started. But I usually try to let songs go for a full minute before making a judgment call on whether or not I want to listen to the rest - and once I hit those glorious 31 seconds and that beat kicked in, I was sold.

Then the song just got better and catchier! So, win/win. The lyrics make it even funnier. Poor Len.

Definitely an easy one to get stuck in your head. Is very repeat-friendly.