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So, I'll get around to posting the rest of the informational stuff over the month or something. In the meantime, I want to get to posting some favorites!

【オリジナル曲PV】恋人のランジェ【初音ミク】 | Hatsune Miku - Lover Rangge

This is one of those songs that I put on and then started to walk away to do something really quickly (I think I was gathering up stuff to throw in the trash) - and then it started and I kind of stood there listening to it.

Usually when I first hear a Vocaloid song, I go for the song over the content - which, considering the fact that my Japanese is rusty as hell, is kind of the only thing I can do. I listen for the feeling of a song before the actual words.

It's not just something I do with Japanese music - it's with anything. Most of the songs I enjoyed growing up I liked based on how they sounded. If I liked the sound, I bothered to look up the words (sometimes). It's the same thing with Japanese.

Some words or phrases I understand - but mostly it's the feeling I like. Sometimes the feeling is conveyed in the actual video enough for me to get what's going on. But with this, I hadn't been watching the video initially; just listening to the sound. And it sounds a little like what crying feels like to me.

The beginning is what hooked me most, though. Sometimes I restart the song two or three times just to hear that beginning section again.

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